2504, 2021

The late diagnosis of hemochromatosis in the patient with chronic hepatitis B and kidney damage

Рубрики: Американский журнал медицинских наук и фармацевтических исследований|

Автор(ы): L.T.Daminova, M.O.Sobirov, O.V.Skosireva, S.U.Muminova

A late diagnosis of secondary hemochromatosis was made to a 38-year-old man with chronic hepatitis B, who after poisoning with alcohol surrogate (which was a year ago) had episodes of macrohematuria with signs of acute kidney damage, which required treatment in the ICU and hemodialysis sessions, after which kidney function was restored. In August 2020, the patient had a contact with a COVID-19 patient, but upon admission to the hospital, the results of tests for COVID-19 were negative. During the examination in our department, after the exclusion of the urological disease, the diagnosis of interstitial nephritis of toxic etiology, hemolytic anemia, chronic viral hepatitis B was made. Then in-depth study of iron metabolism, bone marrow, and MRI of parenchymal organs revealed secondary hemochromatosis.

2603, 2021


Рубрики: Американский журнал сельского хозяйства и биомедицинской инженерии|Метки: |

In the article, the stages of development of spiders (Tetranychidae)with their exit from the eggs mainly in the seed and stone fruitorchards, where their survival is convenient, have been studied as well as the stages of eggs, larvae, protonympha, deytonympha, and adalt. Entomological calculations and observations of our experiments G.Y.Beybienko, K. Fasulaty in determining the density and degree of occurrence of pests. Done based on bean styles. From the seeds of spiders, the larvae began to grow out of the larvae before budding, when the temperature of the hive reached 10oC, as well as the relative humidity of the hive 42%. Spiders throw like insects. The last time it was able to beat after throw

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